Beneficiary solutions

Deeds of gift, deeds of assignment and trust vestings.

Business owner solutions

Stakeholders agreements including shareholders agreements and unitholder agreements, buy-sell deeds, property co-ownerships, and superannuation instalment trusts.

Corporate solutions

Agency agreements, offset agreements, share transfers, unit transfers, confidentiality deeds, company power of attorney and change of officeholders.

Division 7A solutions

Division 7A loan agreements, investments agreements and refinancing agreements.

Entity solutions

Company registrations, trust establishments, SMSF establishments and variations, changes of trustee, changes of name and constitution updates.

Estate planning solutions

Will and estate planning packages, grants of probate, BDBNs, superannuation wills, and trust control succession.

Loan agreement solutions

Loan agreements solutions.

Trust update solutions

Discretionary trust deed updates (“Bamford updates”) and Fixed trust deed updates.

Special disability trust solutions

Special disability trust solutions.

The View Legal Costs Agreement applies to any engagement of View Legal with respect to our wholesale products.

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