Estate Planning Toolkit

Estate Planning instruction form
Estate Planning Guide
Estate Planning Solutions Process
Estate Planning Risk Questionnaire
Memo of directions template – couple
Memo of directions template – single
Flyer: BDBNs vs Pensions
Flyer: Death benefits dependants
Flyer: Do trusts need to have appointors?
Flyer: Estate Planning Wishlist
Flyer: Estate proceeds trust overview
Flyer: Executors
Flyer: Family constitutions
Flyer: Financial agreements
Flyer: Guardians
Flyer: Memorandum of Directions
Flyer: Powers of Attorney
Flyer: Probate
Flyer: Single versus multiple testamentary trust strategy
Flyer: Superannuation proceeds trust
Flyer: Tenants in common versus joint tenants overview
Flyer: Testamentary trusts overview
Flyer: Trust Cloning
Flyer: Trust Splitting
Flyer: Why is estate planning important?
Flyer: Why do View’s appointment of attorney commence ‘immediately’?
Video: Adviser Facilitated Estate Planning platform introduction
Video: What is an executor
Video: What is a testamentary trust and why should you use one
Video: What assets does my will regulate
Video: What are the execution requirements for a will
Video: What is the gift over provision
Video: Capital gains tax and estate planning
Video: Company owned assets and your estate plan
Video: Estate planning and the needs of your beneficiaries
Video: Joint tenants vs tenants in common
Video: Partnership assets and your estate plan
Video: Personally owned assets and your estate plan
Video: Personally owned assets (including assets held jointly) and your estate plan
Video: Superannuation and your estate plan
Video: Trust assets and your estate plan
Video: Using a memo of directions for personal items