What payment methods does View Legal accept?

Currently we accept credit card payment through PayPal and NAB payment gateways.  If you would like to arrange payment via another method, we are happy to assist. Please contact us directly at mail@viewlegal.com.au to arrange this.

How can I contact you?

The quickest way to contact us is by sending an email to mail@viewlegal.com.au. This email address is constantly checked and we will get back to you as a matter of priority, always.

Is it safe to purchase online from your shop?

Absolutely. View Legal is an Australian company, managed and run by four legal directors. View Legal uses SiteLock Secure Socket Layering (SSL), an encryption technology that ensures safe Internet transmission of your personal information. We do not store any credit card details entered into our store payment gateways. We do not share your personal information with any third party except those of our service providers necessary to provide our services to you.

However, if you are still concerned with placing your order, please contact mail@viewlegal.com.au and we will contact you regarding an alternative method to place your order.

What currency are your prices in?

Our business is an Australian business and the prices displayed are in Australian Dollars (AUD) only.

How do I purchase a wholesale solution?

You can select your preferred wholesale solution via the ‘Solve’ tab from our menu, and selecting ‘Online Solutions’.

After you have chosen your solution package, you can then complete the Hotdocs interview, which will appear on your screen after you click the ‘Start Interview’ button. Once you have completed the Hotdocs interview, you can check out and pay for your solution, or alternatively, add additional orders to your shopping cart by navigating back to the ‘Solve’ tab from and selecting ‘Online Solutions’.

Please note that a couple of our solutions do not utilise our Hotodcs automation program, and for these solutions you will be asked to purchase your solution first and will then be directed to an interview form where you can provide your detailed instructions.

I was in the middle of purchasing a product from the online shop when the screen went blank.  How do I continue with my purchase? 

Please clear your browser cache memory and then go to cart to check out and complete your purchase.  You can clear the cache by pressing – shift + ctrl + delete.  Check mark all the check-boxes and then clear it.

If you were part way through completing your Hotdocs interview, go to ‘My Account’, scroll to the bottom of the page and your order should appear under ‘My Solutions’. Clicking on the ‘Resume’ button should take you back to the Hotdocs interview.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us directly on 1300 843 900 or solutions@viewlegal.com.au and we will assist you.

Systems seems to loop back on ‘My Cart’ after I entered card details?

Please enable cookies from your browser. Some instructions can be accessed through link below:
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us directly on 1300 843 900 or solutions@viewlegal.com.au and we will assist you.