In this podcast, the View Legal team explore the following topic ‘Adviser Facilitated Estate Planning: Your Questions Answered’ which was held on 12 March 2020 During this webinar, you will learn about Adviser Facilitated Estate Planning: & the Seven Steps to Successfully Implement View’s Turn-key Solution Holistic estate plan has been in recent times, a key […]
This podcast is a take out of that session. To access past webinars join one of the View Communities. In this podcast, the View Legal team explore the following topic: Exploring the Science of Sales which was held on 24 October 2019 The science of sales in a modern professional service firm has arguably never […]
View Legal webinar - Estate Planning 2020 (11 February 2020)
In this podcast, the View Legal team explore the following topic ‘Estate planning in 2020 – where are we at?’ which was held on 11 February 2020 In this webinar you will learn about the current Estate Planning in 2020. The pace of evolution of all aspects of estate planning has continued to intensify over […]
In this podcast the View Legal team explore the following topic: Choosing the Right Business Structure– Simple! (in theory…) which was held on 19 September 2019. This podcast is a take out of that session and the full webinar is available via the View Legal website  Following on from View’s asset protection webinar last month […]
This is a podcast of ‘The 9 Key Principals of Asset Protection’ held on 29 August 2019. In a sentence, asset protection is often referred to as having sufficient control of assets, such that if an individual is successfully sued these assets will not be available to be used to recompense the successful litigant. This […]
This is a podcast of the ‘Unbundling the Pricing Debate (& how to actually trash your timesheet)’ held on 25 July 2019. The Trashing the Timesheet debate rages for many; and is so 2018 for others. Having clocked up (no pun intended) over 10 years without recording single chargeable unit, it is timely (again no […]
This is a podcast of the Foundations for the Future ‘how to do it’ webinar – How to Leverage the Universal Laws for Success into your business model held on 27 June 2019. Many observers are predicting that the changes to the legal and professional services industries over the next 3 years will be unprecedented. […]
This is a podcast of the ‘Trust Horror Stories… the 3rd Edition’ webinar held on 23 May 2019. Many specialist advisers have business plans that consist of one word – ‘trusts’. A significant reason for this is the myriad of seemingly never ending problems with trust deeds. In the lead up to another 30 June, […]