At View Legal our mantra is to build the firm our friends would choose.


To achieve our vision, we have set out to fundamentally and radically revolutionise access to high quality legal advice, in our areas of deep specialisation – structuring, tax, trusts, asset protection, business sales, estate and succession planning.


To explain the fundamentally different approach View Legal is taking to uniquely deliver valuable legal solutions, the following table explains 10 traditional ways law firms have operated (and, almost exclusively, continue to operate) and the new vision that View Legal is built around.


Bill clients on hourly rates (or various, increasingly elaborate, permutations on the theme) and have no particular interest in client perception of value Customers provided up front ‘SPS Guarantee’ – that is service and price satisfaction is Guaranteed with all work undertaken following upfront fixed pricing
Everything tracked on a timesheet. The longer something takes, the better No timesheets. Sophisticated project management tools used to help ensure customer expectations are exceeded
Quality is defined by the law firm Quality is defined by the customer
‘Impressive’ CBD office space, with ‘dominant’ fit outs View meets where best suits customers. No permanent CBD space retained
Intellectual property is how we make money and should be guarded jealously Intellectual property is how we create trust and should be shared freely
Lawyers striving to deliver near-perfect technical excellence All service designed to be fit-for-purpose, aligning with collaboratively agreed customer objectives
Lawyers cultural focus on ‘is this billable’ for the firm Lawyers cultural focus on ‘is this valuable’ for the customer
‘Leveraging’ of full-time lawyers to do the bulk of the work serving clients Flexible work practices that match supply with demand
Constant focus on the ‘need for diversity’ of gender Only focus on diversity of thought
Revenue growth the #1 goal Exceeding customer expectations #1 goal


Significant inspiration provided by VeraSage. Partly adapted with permission of George Beaton, Beaton Capital, 2014.