Business Model Iteration
with Matthew Burgess

Many observers are predicting that the changes to the professional services industries over the next three years will be unprecedented.


A ‘perfect storm’ across issues such as digital disruption, de-leveraging and new entrants mean that the only certainty will be change.

The key question for every professional is–what do we do?


This question should be asked in the context that the answer has already crystallised for many.


It is a privilege to work with some of Australia’s top entrepreneurs. Having worked with businesses that turnover billions of dollars a year and founded 3 professional service businesses, there are key learnings that I have been able to build into enabling others find the best pathway for success in business.


If you have ever thought “There has to be a better way to do this” or “What would other business owner’s do in my situation?” then there may be value in you exploring one or more of the channels we have developed in this area. Each one offers different approaches and price points to allow you to control the process. One of our team can assist you finding the best fit for you and your business goals.


Including white papers and webinars. An example of a recent white paper is linked here.

For those that would like to:

  1. Read or watch some of the key insights that have influenced our approach
  2. Are working out what support they need
  3. Want to broaden their general knowledge base in these areas

Package up General Guidance Sessions

For example books, more tailored webinars and seminars. The books are profiled here – and the webinars are available here –

For those that would like to:

  1. Build an ecosystem
  2. Develop a great team in the ‘new normal’
  3. Unpack how our model has evolved and use this to leverage your model

Six to twelve month tailored mentoring and consulting

The broad subject matter topics are profiled at the following page here.

For those that would like to:

  1. Apply the key principles with a commercial focus
  2. Embrace a growth mindset
  3. Leverage their vision across both a team and a customer base