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Adviser facilitated estate planning in 3 steps:

1. Choose your membership

Once you are part of the community you have access to the proven framework to immediately shift risk from your business and increase your revenue.

2. Position value with your customer

Adviser focused tools included in your membership, help you to maximise value from your customer base, while meeting your compliance obligations.

3. Select the appropriate estate plan for your customer and get off risk

Step-by-step checklists help ensure you and your customers successfully achieve their estate planning goals.

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Step-by-Step solutions and education to support trusted advisers in providing holistic estate planning for their customers

Solutions for Your Customers

Supporting you, as your customer’s trusted adviser, is View speciality and with a ‘SPS’ – service and price satisfaction – guarantee, your business has certainty of price, upfront.

Some specific solutions are listed below.

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Here is what some other advisers are saying:

What is the solution for my customer?

Not sure which solution is best for your customer circumstance?

Often accountants, planners and lawyers ask us what solutions are available for their customer’s unique circumstance.

For example, does View work direct with law firms? As an adviser how do I know if I can use the facilitated estate planning solution or not? 

The below matrix can assist you, or your team, decide the most likely next step to providing your customer with the most appropriate support and solution. 

Still not sure?

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Adviser Solution Platforms

FeatureBespoke ReferralAdviser FacilitatedInhouse Legal CounselDocumentation Only
Commonly used byLawyers, accountants, financial plannersAccountants and financial plannersLawyers and accountantsLawyers
OverviewTraditional referral-based legal solutionPreparation of documents and advice to client, with facilitation by client’s trusted adviserPreparation of documents and advice to adviser with no client involvementPreparation of documentation with no advice
Branding on documentsView LegalView Legal or co-branded with adviserView Legal or white-labelledView Legal or white-labelled
Level of adviser involvementAt discretion of adviserHigh level of facilitation involvementHigh level of involvement, primary focused on facilitationEntire process, other than document production
Format for provision of instructionsWeb-based or in personWeb-basedWeb-based or in personWeb-based
Pricing structureAt least 3 fixed price service level package alternatives offered. All pricing provided up front and service guaranteed on an agreed scope of work.
Appropriate forAdvisers seeking specialist advice on a discrete situation, without playing a major facilitation role - secure in knowledge they will retain ongoing relationship with clientAdvisers wanted a specialist legal solution while retaining control of the processAdvisers wanting peer review or specialist advice on discrete issues, without their client’s involvementAdvisers comfortable providing legal signout on documentation produced by View Legal

For Friends

The founders of View Legal are committed to building a law firm that our friends would choose.

View Legal is results focused and passionate about delivering solutions in a way that aligns with our ‘SPS’ – service and price satisfaction – guarantee.

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We have set out to fundamentally and radically revolutionise access to a significant amount of adviser-centric content. To ensure that trusted advisers have the support that is needed in implementing holistic estate planning solutions for customers, an online community has been established. The community enables advisers to deepen their understanding of how to position value for their customers and how advisers can assist achieve a customer’s estate planning needs at all points of the life cycle.

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