Laws for Life

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As set out in the foreword to my series of business books ‘The Dream Enabler’, for as long as I can remember, the obsessive study of great thinkers has been my favourite pastime.

One aspect of this has been my evolving approach to ‘common placing’ – that is, the constant collection and ordering of the ideas of others.

Common placing has evolved, for me, from simply hoarding as many of my favourite books as possible, to cataloguing separately my favourite extracts, re-cataloguing extracts into disciplines and themes and to summarising the extracts into a centralised, personal ‘bible’ loosely titled ‘brain food’.

This ‘Laws for Life’ Reference Guide sets out some of the content that indirectly inspired me to write The Dream Enabler series and more generally has long held a special place in my ‘brain food’ collection.

Sourced from many publicly available places, the list is by no means complete. It has however provided useful guidance to me on many occasions and I hope it does for you as well.

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