The Six Foundations of the Taxation of Trusts (2nd edition)

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The issues relating to the taxation of trusts are arguably the most critical aspect of trust structuring.

The combination of ongoing, often fundamental, changes to legislation, the approach taken by the Tax Office and courts – given the vast amounts of wealth accumulated within trusts – have meant that all advisers must have a deep understanding of the rules relating to the taxation of trusts.

The range of fundamental issues that need to be considered in relation to the taxation of trusts is both vast and evolving.

In this book, detailed explanation of all aspects of the taxation of trusts is provided under the following chapters:

  1. Creating and maintaining a trust
  2. Trust distributions
  3. Trust loss measures
  4. Family law and family trusts
  5. Vesting of a trust
  6. Foreign trusts and beneficiaries


The first edition of this book was published with thanks to LexisNexis who gave me the opportunity to contribute to their LexisNexis® Practical Guidance Tax and in turn allowed the publishing of the first edition.

This second edition significantly expands and updates the original book which was based on the material prepared for LexisNexis.

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