Blended Family Workbook

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At least statistically, blended families are an issue in at least every second estate plan.

And, at least in theory, there are no particularly unique issues from an estate planning perspective that need to be considered in a blended family situation, as compared to any other estate planning exercise.

In other words, leveraging standard estate planning strategies (particularly in relation to testamentary trusts) can often provide a robust solution, regardless of the complexity of the willmaker’s situation.

In saying this however, there are a number of strategies that have been developed that arguably are rarely relevant; unless there is a blended family situation.

This book explores the 27 most utilised strategies View sees in the blended families area.

As with basically all areas of holistic estate planning, the strategies is by no means complete.

Furthermore, the strategies are not mutually exclusive.

The reality ultimately is that the opportunity for advisers to work collaboratively with customers and develop arrangements that best fit any particular blended family factual matrix is significant.

The area is also one that is likely to become ever increasingly prevalent given the combination of longer life spans and iterations in social norms for family structures.

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