# 85 – Estate planning in 2024 – where are we at?

The pace of evolution of all aspects of estate planning has continued to intensify over the last 12 months.  This webinar will leverage story telling to explore all key recent developments in holistic estate planning, including: key estate planning related court decisions taxation and stamp duty changes impacting on estate planning the impact of key […]

# 84 – Year in ReVIEW 

At least once a week throughout the course of 2023, View has shared insights in relation to business model iterations, the future of the professions, time billing and many other insights and observations. In this special event, View reviews the highs and lows from 2023 in what will be a fast paced, thought-provoking and at […]

# 83 – Speaking and Presenting: Adviser Hacks 

At last count there were over 2,150 separate speaking and presentation skills that Matthew Burgess of View has studied and leveraged. This webinar will provide a modern day version of the Pareto Principle (aka the 80-20 rule, that is 80% of a result comes from 20% of the input). The modern day iteration being that […]

# 82 – Designer Trusts: Split, Cloned, Umbrella and Corporate Trusts  

In 2023, perhaps more than any other year recently, the appropriateness of various trust structures is in sharp focus.  With the only certainty seemingly change, the concept of ‘designer trusts’ is arguably on trend for many specialist advisers.  In particular, throughout the life cycle of a trust, there are a range of situations that may […]

#81 – Superannuation and Estate Planning: A recipe for disaster

The pace of evolution of all aspects of superannuation related estate planning has continued to intensify over the last 12 months. This webinar provides an insight into a range of issues to help advisers avoid the combination of estate planning and superannuation leading to a disaster, including: Recent cases regarding death benefit nominations, including key […]

#79 – Family Trust Deeds: What all advisers must know

The Tax Office and Courts alike are increasingly focused on trustees who inadvertently breach the terms of a trust deed. Invariably the any adviser assisting the trust will be implicated in any alleged breach. This case study based webinar will explain the key issues all advisers must be aware of with trust deeds, including: Definitions […]

#78 – Trust Horror Stories … the 7th Edition

Many specialist advisers have business plans that consist of one word – ‘trusts’. A significant reason for this is the myriad of seemingly never ending problems with trust deeds. In the lead up to another 30 June, this webinar will explore numerous trust ‘horror’ stories that View has helped resolve – all shared with the […]

#77 – Blended families and estate planning – 14 Further Strategies for Success

At least statistically, blended families are an issue in at least every second estate plan. And, at least in theory, there are no particularly unique issues from an estate planning perspective that need to be considered in a blended family situation, as compared to any other estate planning exercise. In saying this however, there are […]

#76 – Adviser Facilitated Business Succession Planning: The Steps for Success 

Business succession planning, as part of holistic estate planning, is arguably the ‘go to’ value add for many advisers. This session will explore the key ways financial advisers, accountants, risk advisers and other lawyers can leverage View’s facilitated business succession planning platform to monetise their offering; while managing risk. This session will explore the latest […]