101 Tips for Staying Young and Foolish

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The Dream Enabler Series shares many of the key learnings Matthew Burgess has been fortunate to discover while having unprecedented access to some of Australia’s most successful people.

Inspired by one of his heroes, Dr Seuss, all books have covers colour-coded to help identify the genre.

The Orange Book shares the inspiration that was leveraged to write ‘The Dream Enabler’ (or ‘white book’) and formed the business plan for the founding of law and fintech firm View Legal.

The Black Book is a ‘workbook’. It provides a framework to explore and achieve momentum in relation to each of the key concepts explained in detail in the white book. It is designed to be actively ‘consumed’ by readers – with space deliberately set aside for note taking by the reader.

The White Book is a 60,000 word business book that deeply explores the lessons Matthew has learnt while working for and reading the literature of some of the most successful leaders in our community.

This release, 101 Tips for Staying Young and Foolish, is a further iteration in the Dream Enabler Series. It succinctly captures each of the 101 lessons explored in the Orange Book.

Each lesson is in turn shared with an image; embracing the mantra that a picture tells a 1,000 words.

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