Best Ever 101 Accountant Jokes

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Matthew Burgess is one of the founders of specialist firm View Legal.

Having the opportunity to help all those he has interaction with achieve their dreams is what he is passionate about.

As an author Matthew is published across a range of topics including:

  1. Technical legal books –
  2. Children’s books, under the pseudonym ‘Lily Burgess’ –
  3. Business book – The Dream Enabler –

For many years Matthew has collected virtually every accountant joke shared with him.

This book – ‘101 Accountant Jokes’ – gives the collection a public release for the first time.

Two warnings however.

First – Matthew has an accounting degree; however realised he must have been a lawyer when he narrowly avoided failing his final accounting exams.

Second – if you have previously read Matthew’s publication ‘101 Lawyer Jokes’ you may be bitterly disappointed if you were thinking that any of the jokes in ‘101 Accountant Jokes’ would be something other than globally replacing ‘lawyer’ with ‘accountant’.

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