The Dream Enabler

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Matthew Burgess, Director of View Legal Pty Ltd, presents for many industry associations, accounting firms, financial advisers and commercial businesses both in purely technical areas for advisers as well as more practically focused sessions for clients directly.

In recent years, an increasing focus of Matthew’s presenting has been the Dream Enabler.

Like most lawyers, I have had others attach labels to me over the years, including:

(a) the baby faced assassin
(b) the lawyer to get when you don’t want to deal with a lawyer
(c) the ‘www’ (why the wealthy win) guy

The one that has meant the most to me was coined by a small business operator I helped guarantee she survived and ultimately prospered during a difficult start up phase. She called me ‘The Dream Enabler’.

This book shares many of the key learnings I have been fortunate to discover while having unprecedented access to some of Australia’s most successful people.

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