Inside Stories Reference Guide (collection of blog posts)

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Through the support of advisers right around the country, I have been fortunate to build a very successful practice helping advisers help their clients achieve their goals.

One of the ways that I have historically tried to ‘give back’ to the adviser network has been through seminar presentations and the practical tips that can be shared in that environment are often invaluable.

With the increasing popularity of ‘social media’ over the last few years, in 2010, I committed to sharing on a weekly basis practical tips and ‘war stories’ of issues that advisers and clients had raised with me from week to week.

While all of the posts are available via the following site – this book is hopefully a very useful tool in that it puts into one place each of the posts under the half a dozen or so main headings that have featured since 2010.

Also, by centralising all posts electronically in one place, it allows searching on particular topics to be done more easily.

As is the case with the blog site itself, any feedback that you have in relation to this book would be gratefully received.

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