The Science of Sales Workbook

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Arguably the biggest challenge facing the ‘classic’ professions (namely accounting, law and financial planning) is the number of significant disruptions arriving almost simultaneously.

Indeed the combination of disruptions has created what many argue is a ‘perfect storm’.

Despite this perfect storm, winning firms are growing exponentially in the ‘new normal’.

These firms understand that success, and perhaps even survival, for providers of advice solutions, depends on being able to create a sales and distribution model that responds nimbly to the modern business world.

As many have proven, disruptive business models require funding, resource allocation and working environments that are significantly different from those of the traditional or incumbent firms.

In this latest Workbook, written by Matthew Burgess, ‘The Science of Sales’ deconstructs how successful modern professional services firms have re-engineered traditional marketing and sales functions, using many case study examples.

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