View Legal webinar – Business Succession (without insurance): Easy as A, B, C (22 April 2021)

View Legal is excited to announce our upcoming live streamed webinar – Business Succession (without insurance): Easy as A, B, C.

In the same way as an estate plan is critical for every adult, so to is a business succession plan for everyone involved in a business.

While insurance can play a role for exits such as death and incapacity (indeed see our September 2021 event: Business succession (with insurance): Easy as 1, 2, 3) a robust approach for non-insurable exit events is critical.

While our April 2021 webinar complements our September 2021 webinar, there is no need to attend the later event.

This, our April 2021 webinar, explores the key issues advisers should be aware of in business succession, including:

  1. The roles and responsibilities of each adviser (accountant, financial adviser, broker and lawyer)
  2. Starting at the start – getting the valuation right
  3. Unbundling the succession pathways – employees, family or external acquisition
  4. Becoming ‘deal ready’ and managing the due diligence process
  5. Share sales v asset sales – the why, how and whats
  6. Managing risk including warranties, indemnities and tax liabilities
  7. Numerous case study examples

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