Secure Storage Pricing

ServiceFixed price
Provision of one certified copy of document (electronic or wet-signed)$19.90
Initial processing (for documents delivered to secure storage)*$60
Annual storage *$60/pa (per customer)
Retrieval of documents. Note:
  • includes postage at one of the levels shown
  • is for unlimited documents, as a single retrieval, per customer
$39 (Regular postage)
$59 (Tracked)
$89 (Express)
*$55 (processing)
Copy/scan of document held in secure storage$19.90 per document
Correction of execution errors in documents held in secure storage$55 per document
Redirection service (for documents posted to the wrong address)
  • Documents for secure storage must be mailed to PO Box 221, Enfield LPO, NSW 2136 (ideally via trackable post).
$55 per package

Items marked by an * may be waived by View Legal in their discretion, if the customer’s adviser is a current financial member of a View Community.