Book a Meeting

Welcome to the online booking calendar to request a meeting with a specialist estate planning lawyer

Step 1: Choose the tab in line with the service level purchased. 
Step 2: Choose your preferred date and time to request an online meeting time, ensuring instructions and payment have been completed prior to sending the request. 
Step 3: A separate email will be sent to the addresses (as nominated in the booking) once the booking is confirmed. This can take up to 48 business hours to be received into your inbox. Please check your junk folder before contacting [email protected]
Other things to note:
Please allow at least 3 business days’ from receipt of full and complete instructions when booking the online meeting. Requests received outside these parameters will likely need to be re-scheduled or will require a service level upgrade. Practically, this may mean that you need to choose a date for the online meeting at least 7 business days from when you initially place your order to provide your team sufficient time to complete all aspects of the instructions.
Making a meeting booking prior to submitting completed instructions to View does not constitute engagement of View by the customer. 
Top tips:
Other FAQs that may assist with scheduling and booking of meetings are found here
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