#24 – 40 Forms of Trusts

This is a podcast of the webinar ‘40 Forms of Trusts’ held on 22 September 2016.

The concept of a trust is in theory relatively simple – just involving one party (the trustee) holding assets for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries).

Given however that there are only a few core elements which must be satisfied to have a valid trust relationship, overtime advisers and clients alike have largely only been limited by their imagination in terms of the way in which they craft any particular trust deed.

This presentation will explore 40 different trust structures, including:

  1.  The increasingly popular ‘GST’ structure
  2. All key forms of protective trusts
  3. Secret trusts
  4. International structures
  5. Perpetuity trusts
  6. Legitimate tax advantaged trusts

Dyan Burgess

Dyan Burgess

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