#29 – Trust Horror Stories

This is a podcast of the webinar ‘Trust Horror Stories’ held on 25 May 2017.

Many specialist advisers have business plans that consist of one word – ‘trusts’.

A significant reason for this is the myriad of seemingly never ending problems with trust deeds.

In the lead up to another 30 June, this webinar will explore numerous trust ‘horror’ stories that View has helped resolve – all shared with the aim of helping avoid similar problems arising in the future.

Learn from case studies titled –

  1. The one day trust
  2. The missing beneficiary
  3. When 1 trust became 2; but no-one knew it
  4. 15 years of failed trust distributions
  5.  1 trust, 2 deaths and 3 tax bills
Dyan Burgess

Dyan Burgess

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