#30 – Foundations for the future the ‘how to do it’ webinar – Persistence Creates Perfection

This is a podcast of Foundations for the future the ‘how to do it’ webinar – Persistence creates perfection held on 22 June 2017.

Many observers are predicting that the changes to the legal and professional services industries over the next 3 years will be unprecedented.

A ‘perfect storm’ across issues such as digital disruption, de-leveraging and new entrants mean that the only certainty will be change.

The key question for every professional is – what do we do?

As part of our ‘Foundations for the Future’ business models program, this this webinar will be presented by Matthew Burgess and will use case studies and provide practical ideas that can be immediately implemented, while exploring –

  1. Why habit creation is so critical
  2. Learning the key lessons (by stealing from the best)
  3. Fixed v growth mindsets in professional service firms
  4. Why the optimistic opportunists are winning


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