#33 – An Asset Protection Master Class

This is a podcast of the webinar ‘An Asset Protection Master Class’ held on 13 September 2017.

The need to take active steps to protect assets and wealth is longstanding.

Arguably however, those concerns have never been taken more seriously by a greater number of people than they are currently.

To many people, asset protection means being able to control assets or have access to assets which the person does not legally own, such that if the person is successfully sued these assets will not be available to be used to recompense the successful litigant.

However this is only one aspect of a comprehensive asset protection strategy.

This webinar explores the key foundations to achieving best practice asset protection, deeply exploring the often used mantras –

  1. In times of peace, prepare for war
  2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. Prevention is better than any cure
  4. Measure twice; cut once

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