#31 – Probate and estate administration – Everything you need to know

This is a podcast of the webinar ‘Probate and estate administration – Everything you need to know’ held on 26 July 2017.

Estate planning is widely considered the ‘new black’ for many advisers.

The ‘next wave’ for advisers, particularly as the baby boomer generation enters the last phase of their life span, is probate and estate administration.

The administration of a deceased estate is a heavily regulated area and there are many aspects that can cause irreversible damage if misunderstood.

This webinar will step through all the key issues that advisers need to know in relation to the administration of any deceased estate, including –

  1. Discussion about what probate is exactly, when is it needed and how do you get it
  2. Exploration of the key steps in obtaining probate
  3. Analysing the key steps in estate administration
  4. Identifying the key areas where advisers can add value
  5. Numerous case study examples


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