FREE Webinar – A Story for You: 2022 – The Year in ReView (17 November 2022)

At least once a week throughout the course of 2022, the View Legal team has shared insights in relation to business model iterations, the future of the professions, time billing and many other insights and observations.

In this special event, View reviews the highs and lows from 2022 in what will be a fast paced, thought-provoking and at times likely controversial one hour webinar.

Best of all, the entry price is at one of View’s favourite price points, namely, free!

Topics will include exploration of the links between the ideas that have evolved for View over the year (as Steve Jobs might say – you will only join the dots after being at the webinar).

  1. Somebody’s Watching Me v You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
  2. Terminating (X-it) Timesheets: It ain’t Rocket Surgery (sic)
  3. Better get a lawyer son – today’s this is broken
  4. Get Noticed; one way or another
  5. Already yesterday – and the golden rule of management


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Viewruption – For professional service providers wanting to iterate their business model (including abandoning timesheets)

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