View Legal webinar – Speaking and Presenting: Adviser Hacks (19 October 2023 )

At last count there were over 2,150 separate speaking and presentation skills that Matthew Burgess of View has studied and leveraged.

This webinar will provide a modern day version of the Pareto Principle (aka the 80-20 rule, that is 80% of a result comes from 20% of the input).

The modern day iteration being that it is in many situations more like a 99-1 rule; not 80-20. That is 99% of a result can be sourced from merely 1% of the input.

This webinar will focus on the key foundational speaking strategies to help you and your team create radically disproportionate improvements in all forms of communication, including:

  1. A ‘go to’ structure for every presentation, of any description.
  2. Overview of the key speaking strategies.
  3. A deeper dive into critical speaking skills (being the 1% that are likely to be the most impactful).
  4. Further learning guidance.


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