Robust Checklist for Personal Holistic Estate Planning

Thank you for the opportunity to review your estate planning needs via View’s Facilitated Estate Planning platform.

The service provided through this platform is offered as one of several service levels – Compliance, Comprehensive, Concierge or Customised – as summarised here.

To help determine the most appropriate service level for your unique situation, please complete the questions below. Usually this takes less than 10 minutes.  If the checklist is completed prior to your initial meeting with a specialist View team member, it will give you a likely indication of the service level that will be best value for your needs.

In particular, the ‘Compliance’ service level is most appropriate when ‘yes’ is answered to 3 or fewer questions.

Alternatively, if ‘yes’ is answered to 4 or more questions, it is likely a service level of either Comprehensive, Concierge or Customised (the scope and fixed pricing for a Customised solution will be provided separately).