#22 – Post-Death Estate Planning Strategies

This is a podcast of the webinar ‘Post-Death Estate Planning Strategies’ held on 24 August 2016.19071558752_0f5218ab3f_o

Generally a comprehensive estate plan must be implemented well before a person dies or loses capacity. There are some exceptions to this rule and with the aging population it is vital for all advisers to be aware of the main strategies available.

This presentation will consider key post death estate planning strategies including:

  1. All forms of post death testamentary trusts
  2. Related ‘special purpose’ trusts (including child maintenance trusts)
  3. The key tax, stamp duty and commercial issues
  4. Adjacent planning opportunities, including statutory wills
  5. Detailed case study examples

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#21 – Everything you need to know about the new Small Business Rollover rules

October webinarThis is a podcast of the webinar ‘Everything you need to know about the new Small Business Rollover rules’ held on 21 July 2016.

Subdivision 328-G commenced on July 1 2016, with the intention of providing Small Businesses with flexibility to restructure into a more appropriate form.

The range of issues to consider when restructuring are potentially broad.

While existing rollovers apply only in narrow circumstances, the new provisions provide a myriad of tantalising restructure opportunities.

This webinar will explore all technical aspects of the provisions and use numerous case studies, including:

  1. what constitutes a ‘genuine restructure’;
  2. using trust cloning and trust splitting as a restructuring method;
  3. restructuring heritage trusts with proximate vesting dates or limited variation powers;
  4. how to restructure from a sole-trader to a company owned by a family trust; and
  5. other planning opportunities.

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