#49 – When Trust Distributions Go Bad

In this podcast, the View Legal team explore the following topic ‘When Trust Distributions Go Bad’ which was held on 11 June 2020.

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During this extract of the webinar, you will learn about Many specialist advisers have business plans that consist of one word – ‘trusts’.

The range of issues that can potentially undermine the intentions of a trustee when attempting to make trust distributions is almost limitless.

The time to be planning appropriate crafting distributions is before an impending 30 June.  This presentation will methodically address a number of common scenarios that see purported distributions fail, including:

  • understanding the way in which beneficiaries are defined;
  • clauses excluding the trustee as a beneficiary;
  • implications of non-resident beneficiary laws;
  • the remoteness of vesting rules, including with trust to trust distributions; and
  • adviser liability due to failed distributions.

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