The View team has invested over a number of years to develop a significant amount of adviser centric content.

A core focus in this regard has been the publication of books.

Inspired by one of our heroes, Dr Seuss, all books have covers colour-coded to help identify the genre.

In particular:

  1. Orange covers are ‘reference guides’. These books provide practically focused content, often sourced from material originally created to improve the skill set of View team members.
  2. Black covers are ‘workbooks’.  These books again provide practically focused content, however, are designed to be actively ‘consumed’ by readers – invariably, there is space deliberately set aside for note taking by the reader.
  3. White books are ‘technical’.  These publications are focused solely on providing deep technical content. In all cases, while there will be practical examples, there is a deliberate emphasis on legislative provisions and important  court decisions. In most instances, the content will be equivalent to publication standard for organisations such as the Tax Institute of Australia, Thomson Reuters Weekly Tax Bulletin and LexisNexis.